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Inbound Call Center

In-Bound Dialing (IBD) System is designed to effectively to manage the in-bound calls of a mobile service provider. IBD helps the caller to walk through the products and services, and even sell them without human intervention. IBD utilizes the interactive Voice Response (IVR) calling system which remarkably reduces the subscriber’s DTMF interaction while browsing the contents. Inbound Dialing System is an amazing marketing tool in the operators hand to sell Music based -product to the mobile customers.IBD has evolved as an extended arm for mobile operator to grab music related value added service revenue with low Turn-around-Time

Key Features
--Single Platform Supports SS7 (Singanaling System) or ISDN (Digital Network) without changing the hardware.
--Supports Integration and Customization of unlimited services like Hello Tunes, SMS packs, GPRS, Mobile internet services, Service alert etc.
--Fast and efficient service delivery and implementation.
--Allows online and real-time activation and subscription process.
--Browsing is user-friendly and less time consuming.
--Completely automated system which reduces manual process and human resources.
--Supports continuos business flow through and campaign Management.
--Empowers mobile operators to cost and complexity.